Make your cloud video storage more insightful with Video AI

Wobot.ai allows easy onboarding of CCTV cameras linked to your cloud surveillance management systems. Automate AI tasks, gather real time insights, and view live streams all under a single space.

You’re in good company

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Onboard CCTV cameras seamlessly

It takes less than 10 minutes for users to onboard CCTV cameras linked to their cloud video storage. Know what s happening on your cameras from anywhere, through any device.

Automate AI tasks

AI tasks are a bunch of daily operations that help brands stay in line with best practices. Through Wobot.ai, users can automate tasks on their CCTV cameras and keep track of what gets done and what doesn’t.

Gather insights in real-time

In 12 minutes, more than 45% of camera activity goes unnoticed. Wobot.ai solves it for your cameras by providing operational insights in real time, helping operators take actions immediately.

Meet our integrations partners

Wobot.ai has integrated with players like Jolt, Brink, PAR, Omnivore, and OpenEye. All our partners help businesses achieve excellence by helping them manage their operations better.