Make better operational decisions with Video Intelligence

Wobot.ai uses video intelligence to help operators get complete visibility into every activity that goes on at the workplace. Automate daily operations and detect inefficiencies in real-time to take action immediately.

You’re in good company

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Know how much you can save with Video Intelligence

Use a simple calculator that lets you know how much your business can save for every dollar that’s spent, using Wobot.ai.

Go beyond manual efforts

Automate from over 100+ AI checklists to stay in line with best practices and keep track of what’s happening at your location, from anywhere, through any device.

Video Analytics

What does your video data say about your business? Use video analytics to track metrics such as peak hours, wait times, customer behavior, and many more to see where you can improve.

Curious to know more?

We’d love to get in touch with you and give you a demo of how Wobot.ai works. Wobot.ai is easily customizable based on the number of locations you have. Get in touch with us and have a plan tailored just for you.