Get better control over your losses with video intelligence

4% of net income restaurants make, washes away due to thefts, bad service speed, inaccurate orders, poor staff engagement, and beyond. Wobot.ai helps brands achieve operational excellence by adding AI to their CCTV cameras.

You’re in good company

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Monitor live occurrences from anywhere

Onboard your CCTV cameras and view live occurrences across different locations from anywhere, through any device. Reduce time and money spent on traveling to locations.

Reduce queue lengths and wait times

More than 60% of customers drop off a queue that has more than 4 cars at a drive-thru. Wobot.ai delivers insights in real-time whenever queue lengths or wait times exceed, allowing operators to take action immediately.

Automate daily operations

Customers are attracted to restaurants or stores that show clear signs of daily practices being followed. With Wobot.ai, users can choose from over 100+ AI tasks to automate helping brands align with best industry practices and deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

Integrate your POS systems

Wobot.ai in collaboration with PAR and Omnivore lets users link their POS systems to keep a check on transactions and alerts the user whenever a transaction looks suspicious.