Better decision-making with Video Intelligence

Rapidly onboard any CCTV cameras-All in one place. Collect actionable insights across teams and make better decisions, together.

What are you looking for?

I want to view my CCTV feed easily with Wobot.ai’s Video Management System (VMS)

I want to power up my CCTV cameras with AI-powered video analytics

AI-powered checklists for remote monitoring

Our AI-driven video analytics platform enables you to not only select from pre existing checklists but also provides flexibility to customize checklists based on industrial requirements. This helps you to monitor process compliance optimally.

Instant Onboarding of CCTV Cameras

Wobot’s compatibility with all leading camera brands coupled with the user-friendliness of the platform helps in smooth integration and seamless onboarding of your existing cameras into our system to monitor day-to-day processes.

One application for all events

Wobot.ai acts as a one-stop platform to view all your cameras and automate process compliance and remote monitoring in real-time. View all tasks and tickets on a single app.

Democratize Control Rooms

Dispense the power of visual insights from the control room back to your local team for informed decision-making. View the recorded or live camera footage on the app. Anywhere. Anytime.

Business Intelligence for Decision Making

Wobot’s easy-to-use platform provides informative dashboards giving a company-wide overview. Insightful reports are sent straight to the inbox helping you make critical business decisions.

Industries we serve

Video intelligence for organizations across different industries

Track events, identify areas of improvement and improve operations of your business to succeed.

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Food Industries


Why Wobot.ai

Secure. Flexible. Scalable.

With fully automated object, activity, and person detection, recording, live view, and real-time alerts, Wobot stands as a reliable solution for futuristic video monitoring and business growth.

Icon_Easy-to-Use Platform

Easy-to-Use Platform

Wobot offers a quick and easy-to-use platform for DIY onboarding and live incident tracking

Icon_Robust VMS

Robust VMS

Make informed decisions with powerful human intelligence by gaining operations insights through live streaming and playbacks


100s of Built-in Tasks to Automate

Access 100+ built-in AI tasks to ensure operational accuracy and help your team get the best results from their tasks.


360° Incident Management

Manage incidents & take actions promptly with real-time alerts & create a preventive framework to reduce process violations.

Customer Portfolio

Learn how organizations around the world are implementing our solutions to build a more effective compliance system and change the way they monitor their operations.

AI-powered process compliance through your cameras

AI-powered process compliance through your cameras