Enhance Customer Experience
for Drive-thrus with the power of AI

Simple yet powerful platform that harnesses real-time insights from your
cameras for efficient vehicle flow management, hygiene, safety, and security​

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Get critical Drive-thru and QSR checklists defined in advance

Use our pre-defined checklists to get started in seconds and automate ensuring processes

Follow this checklist for your QSR business for a better customer experience. Tracking vehicle queue wait time and queue length will help optimize the queue management system and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Following a cleaning checklist is extremely important in the Food Services Industry to prevent the spread of viruses and cross-contamination. The use cases include mopping, wiping, deep cleaning, and disinfection, and tale disinfection detection.​

Within your cameras lies a story, let
Wobot.ai tell it.

Wobot.ai supercharges existing CCTV cameras through:

AI-powered Video Analytics

Automatically detect and supervise regulatory compliance using pre-defined industry-specific checklists

Real-time Insights

Real-time Insights Workflows that notify users of relevant and actionable events in real-time while taking feedback, to close the event loop

Best Practices Management

Ensure your terms embrace industry best practices & follow proper execution against SOP with our powerful Learning Management System

Business intelligence at fingertips

Analytics that provide mission critical data for increased operational efficiency

How does Wobot.ai work?

DIY set up in minutes

Step 1

Instant camera onboarding

  • Add any IP camera in minutes vs hours
  • Support for all popular NVRs and OEMs
  • Access live or recorded video feeds. Anytime. Anywhere.

Step 2

Select from pre-defined checklists

  • Pre-defined checklists and use cases to choose from
  • AI-powered tracking and event detection
  • Quick viewing and tagging of events on the recorded video clips

Checklists to not only track security and compliance but also enhance customer experience


Step 3

Assign Users

  • Share access to specific cameras and locations
  • Tailor access permissions as per user-defined roles

Step 4

Track on Mobile App

  • Use our mobile app to view Livestream of video feeds and check AI detected events
  • View and share footage/ images from anywhere, without visiting the location
  • Work together on one platform and accelerate coordinated response to events

Step 5

Learn from our Powerful LMS

  • Check food safety best practices for all tasks to ensure proper execution against SOP
  • Ensure adherence to OSHA kitchen safety checklist and other food safety compliance

Step 6

Mission Critical Analytics

  • Informative dashboards for a company-wide-overview
  • Insightful reports sent straight to the inbox, helping you make critical business decisions

Unleash the true potential of your
cameras with Wobot.ai

Wobot.ai helps you gain business advantage

Ensure PPE guidance for employees​
Remind employees of up-to-date hygiene protocols​
Ensure periodic compliance of disinfection process​
Manage crowd and social distancing across restaurant via crowd tracking
Reduce frequency of slow service time with vehicle wait time check​
Monitor queue length in real-time for smart queue management​
With ANPR detection, understand the frequency of specific customers to serve them in a more personalized way​

Stay on top with the security issues such as intrusion and pilferage 

Compare performance across all locations